People often ask, “Is that a vagina?” And i say, “Why yes it is!” I hadn’t realized i was creating them until someone pointed it out to me about four years ago while I was pregnant with our first kid. I was painting and sculpting all about growth. Up until that point I was working on things that were melty, so I suppose it makes sense. It’s a good era to be a woman painter. There is a lot of horrible and wonderful energy floating around to tap into and harness.  With both in mind, I play around with materials that provide control, and conversely a reliance on chance.

I had my first solo show at Real Art Ways in CT, and then a solo show in Brooklyn at Jack the Pelican Presents. I have been in several group shows in NYC, most recently at BravinLee Programs. Every year since inception I have participated in Spring/Break Art Show, putting up paintings, and also creating interactive installations with Fall on Your Sword. I had a solo show at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, was included in an exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art, and have shown all over the country and in London. 


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