Melt, grow, radiate.  These are the three variations I have been toying with for years now.  Each work I create has one of these influences at play.  Metaphorically pushing these ideas around allows me to imagine the work as it’s own breathing, living individual that carries on without my hand.  With this in mind I employ materials that allow me to be in control with tight detail, and then pouring mediums like expandable foam over it in order to lose it.   

I had my first solo show at Real Art Ways in CT, and then a solo show in Brooklyn at Jack the Pelican Presents. I have been in several group shows in NYC, most recently at BravinLee Programs, and at Idolwild Gallery in Los Angeles. Every year since it's inception, I have participated in Spring/Break Art Show; putting up paintings, and also creating interactive installations with Fall on Your Sword. I had a solo show at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, was included in an exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art, and have shown all over the country and internationally in London at CCA Gallery.


2014- Paradigm Gallery, “Garden of Alternate Histories” Philadelphia, PA, July 25 – August 23

- Jack the Pelican Presents, "good girl", Brooklyn, NY May 12 - June 11 

- Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT July 20th - August 13th 


-Techne Art Center, "Broken Mirror" May 20-September, San Diego
-CurveLine Space, "Weird Flowers" April 22, May 22, curated by Mike Chattam, LA
-Spring/Break Art Fair, "Naked Lunch" February 14-18, LA
-Idolwild Gallery, "Los Angeles, I'm Yours" January 5 - January 30, LA

-Spring/Break Art Fair, "In Excess" February 14 - 16
-BravinLee Programs "Ornament: Ho Hum All Ye Faithful" December 12 - January 25

-"Every Woman Biennial" Curated by C. Finlay, June 4 - 12
-Spring/Break Art Fair, "FACT AND FICTION" February 16 - 21

-Curated by The Sisters Bennet, "Say It With Power," December 4 - March 25

-BravinLee Programs, “Sitting Still,” New York, NY October 19 - November 27
-Spring/Break Art Fair, “Black Mirror,” New York, NY February 28 - March 5

-Spring/Break Art Fair, “⌘COPY⌘PASTE,” New York, NY March 2 - 7

-The Lodge Gallery, “Post Human Utopia,” New York, NY April 22 - May 31
-Spring/Break Art Fair, “Transaction,” New York, NY March 1 - 6

-The Lodge Gallery, “Mating Season,” New York, NY June 5 - July 5


- WWA Gallery, “About Face,” Los Angeles, CA - January 13 - February 11
- Spring/Break Art Fair, “Apocalypse,” New York, NY March 1 - 6


- B&AB Projects, “Triple Fifty,” Brooklyn, NY - November 12

- Sotheby’s/NYAA ”Take Home a Nude” New York, NY- October 18


- ABCYZ, New York, NY October 23 - November 7
- Blue Gallery, "Portrait Invitational Exhibition," Kansas City, MO, Sept. 4 - Oct. 31

- Jack The Pelican Presents, "American Dreamz," Brooklyn, NY, May 22nd - June 22


Miami Art Week, Jack Fischer Gallery, Miami, FL, Aqua Hotel, December 4 - 7

Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, October 3 - November 3

DFN Gallery, “Dangerous Women,” New York, NY July 24 - August 29

- Pulse Art Fair, Saatchi Online Booth, New York, NY, March 27 - March 30


- Woom Gallery, "Booby Hatch- Sexual and Disturbed," Birmingham, UK, October 20 

- Roq La Rue, "Venus,” Seattle, WA, Friday June 8 - July 8
- The Lab, "6 Pack,” San Francisco, CA February 7 - 24, 


ESSO Gallery, "to have and to be,” New York, NY, October 27 - November

-Mobile Museum of Art, Contemporary Imaginings: The Howard A. and Judy Tullman Collection, Mobile, AL, October 6, 2006 - January 7, 2007

- Blue Gallery "Saints and Sirens", Kansas City, MO, August 25 - September 26 - Tribes, "Artlove", New York, NY Feb 10th - March 17th


CCA Gallery, London, England 


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